Medical Equipment
Lift And Shift Services 

We have supported the medical and health care industries with our lift and shift services for over ten years. We have moved. Whether in a laboratory, examining room or more traditional plant room we can get your medical equipment to where it needs to be.

Lifting And Relocation For The NHS And Private Facilies

We have solved all manner of lifting problems for the health care industry. Items like mammography units and large testing equipment must be handled carefully to avaod damage of the sensitive components. We have relocated such items up and down stairs, through windows and much more.

  • Fully Trained And CSCS Registered Lifting Operatives.
  • Complete Medical Equipment Lift And Shift Services.
  • Over Ten Years Industry Experience Moving And Relocating Health Care Equipment.
  • We Have Worked For The Largest To Smallest Clients On Medical Projects Of All Sizes.

Wide Range Of Medical Clients

We have moved medical plant from a wide variety of manufacturers and a diverse range of clients.

air conditioning crane liftingAHU lift and shiftair conditioning lift and shiftheat exchanger lift and shift

We have provided our services for:
NHS, Bupa, Dental Pratices And Orthodontists, chiropractors, Private Health Care Facilities, Beauty Related Services and many more...

Complete Medical Equipment Lifting Care

We understand the fragile nature of health care machinery. Delicate sensors and components must be properly handled and lifted, our experience such equipment ensures your medical machinery complete lifting care, from start to finish.

air conditioning Lifting

Mammogram Lifting

We have moved mammography equipment up and down stairs and through windows, our experience in lifting medical equipment gives you complete piece of mind.

ahu lifting

Medical Machinery Lifting

We have moved and lifted many medical examination units in a wide variety of establishments. Complete medical equipment lifting, moving and relocation.

heat exchanger lifting

Lifting For The NHS

We have moved a wide variety of equipment for the National Health Service, from examination equipment through to safes.

HVAC Lifting

Insured Lifting

We understand how expensive medical examination machinery is and we take the upmost care in relocating your equipment.

Enquire About Our Medical Equipment Lifting Services

Call us on 01285 741 150 or use our lift and shift services online form to enquire about our Medical Equipment lifting services.