Stair Climbing & Lifting On Stairs

Since our companies inception we have strived to provide the most comprehensive stair climbing service we can. For more than ten years we have refined stair climbing to an art form. Using bespoke equipment and processes we can negotiate obstacles that can't be achieved by other means. When a traditional stair climbing machine is unsuitable we can use alternative approaches to complete your stair lifting project.

Complete Stair Climbing Service

Our stair climber lift and shift services can overcome most problems associated with lifting up or down stairs. Our operatives undergo an extensive training program to ensure complete compliance to health and safety procedure, care towards the item being moved and the route taken.
All stair climbing operation are carried out to specific risk assessment and method statements. 

  • Weight Up To 680 Kg's on a Stair Climbing Machine (More By Alternative Methods)
  • Risk Assessment And Method Statement As Standard
  • The Complete Service (Health, Safety And Care)
  • Your Stair Lifting Problem Solved
  • Over 10 Years Stair Climbing Experience 
  • Free In-house Advanced CAD Calculations (If Necessary)

What Are Stair Climbing Machines?

Battery powered stair climbing machines enable lifting heavy items up and down stairs that would be more time consuming or dangerous by other means.
Our stair climbing technology allows us to lift up to 680 kg's safely and securely. Using battery power enables complete portability and power. This results in a safer operation and productivity completing your work quicker. Stairs are often in high demand in commercial buildings and the faster work is completed the better. 
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different types of stairsstair climbing landing sizes stair climbing heavy items

We regularly stair climb items such as:
Air Conditioning units / Condensers / Inverters / Boilers / Heat Exchangers / Water Heaters / Laboratory Equipment / Safes / Fire Proof Cabinets / Server Racks / Glass - Double, Triple Glazing & Architectural / Motors / Pumps / Commercial Catering Equipment / Display Cabinets / Cast Iron Radiators / Range Cookers / Statues / AHU's / CHP's / Display Units 
And much more............

Stair Climbing Success Through Advanced Technology

Unlike other companies we use advanced CAD software to calculate the actual physical spaces when required. To make sure an item will fit through the route we use detailed measurement calculations to ensure stair climbing success. We can place an items size on a computer model of the stairclimber and guarantee it will fit the stair and landing measurements.
Normally this service isn't required but we will carry it out free of charge if we think the task justifies it. 

stair climbing technology

Stair Climbing Safety

We follow strict health and safety policies regarding stair climbing. Making sure all equipment conforms to LOLER and manufacturer maintenance schedules, along with rigorous staff training and best working practices.

specialist stair climbing

Complete Care Service

We pride ourselves on making sure both your item and property stay exactly as the should be. We have stair climbed some very fragile and expensive equipment including Scanning Electron Microscopes and Mass Spectrometers.

lifting heavy items up stairs

Too Heavy For Stairs?

When your object is too heavy to be moved on stairs (either due to the strength of the stairs or the weight of the item) our lift and shift services department can make sure your work gets completed. We have a variety of other methods to move objects between the floors of buildings.

professional stair climbing services

Fast Service

We aim to provide the most prompt service we can. Our dedicated office staff have experience with stair climbing so know the right questions to ask. If it becomes necessary we will carry out a site survey to make sure your work is carried out quickly and efficiently. 

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We always aim to provide a quotation within one hour under normal circumstances, but will notify you if we require further information to provide you with a formal quotation. We pride ourselves on prompt and thorough customer service.