Specialist Lifting Solutions
Picture Gallery

The pictures below highlights a small selection of lifting work that we have carried out over the past decade.

Lifting glass through roof lightStair climbing laboratory equipmentUsing a mini crane on a roofStair climbing a radiatorBoiler lift and shiftstair climbing a vending machinevending machine on stairsUsing a mini crane and vacuum lifterMaterial lift - lifting a giant spherecraning a chiller unitHeat exchanger complex liftRotating a heat exchangerPlant room lift and shiftLifting glass in to placeLifting BBC Sport desk equipmentUsing a gantry to lift a swimming poolStair climbing a large motorChiller unit lift and shiftMoving plant room equipmentCraning steel work to a roofMoving a plane fuselageMoving 3d printerportable cabin lift and shiftRelocating military hardware

We pride ourselves on the quality of our work

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